The Nest Food Pantry

Nearly 30% of college students suffer from food insecurity annually. Monmouth is not immune to this problem with many students struggling to pay for meals after incurring tuition and housing expenses.The Student Government Association (SGA) started an on-campus food pantry, The Nest, to help support food-insecure Hawks with more than 400 students fed so far. 

Food insecurities are wide reaching and affect those we interact with every day. When you make a donation to The Nest, you reinforce Monmouth's culture of community. Remember, Hawks Fly Together!

How can you make a difference?

  • $10 can help us purchase 8-10 individual cans of soup or boxes of cereal
  • $25 can help us buy more than 10 meals-worth of food
  • $100 can help us provide a weekly meal bag to 15 students

With your help, we can continue to build the Nest and restock non-perishables and toiletries to make sure no student goes hungry.

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