Marquita Hannibal-Francique '02 Endowed Scholarship

Marquita Hannibal-Francique '02 Endowed Scholarship

Thank you to the over 160 donors who have contributed over $29,000 to ensure this scholarship is endowed and will be awarded every year starting in the fall of 2020.  You can still make a gift today as every dollar raised increases the value of the scholarship to the future recipients!


"To know Marquita is to know her smile.

To know Marquita is to know her laughter that fills a room.

To know Marquita is to understand her giving spirit.

To know Marquita is to open your heart to a relentless force who penetrates your entire being with sincere LOVE.

To know Marquita is to recognize her ability to never leave anyone behind no matter the obstacle.

To know Marquita is to see the good in circumstances and uplift the broken and overlooked.

To know Marquita is to acknowledge that no matter the length of time, you have crossed paths with an incredibly unique, passionate and inspirational student-athlete, sorority sister, friend, dancer, runner, mentor educator, daughter, sister, aunt, wife and outstanding mother."


Marquita unexpectedly passed away in 2018 right before Christmas. This loss has left a deep hole in the lives of so many and most drastically felt by her two young children. In some way, shape or form we have all been impacted by our dear friend Marquita. Whether it was in a quiet moment, a kind gesture or her ability to unite a group for a greater cause Marquita touched our lives in her own unique way.


To commemorate her unwavering commitment to seeing the good in others and her hope of others in achieving their goals, her friends have decided to establish the Marquita Hannibal-Francique Commitment to Excellence and Leadership Endowed Scholarship Fund at her alma mater, Monmouth University.


In order to have this scholarship last in perpetuity and keep Marquita's commitment to serving others alive, we need your help to raise $25,000 and make this scholarship a reality. If the funds to establish the scholarship are less than the minimum to establish an endowment, the University will create the Marquita Hannibal-Francique Commitment to Excellence and Leadership Annual Scholarship Fund, a scholarship that will be awarded annually until funds are depleted. 


Please help us honor Marquita by making a gift today! Together we will! Fly Hawks!


-Talitha Vickers '02, Marquita's teammate and friend



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