Thank you for your generous gift to support the Marquita Hannibal-Francique '02 Endowed Scholarship! Although we have finished the initial project phase raising nearly $30,000 to establish this scholarship, you can still contribute at this link.  Every gift increases the value of the scholarship to the recipient in honor of Marquita!

Marquita Hannibal-Francique '02 Endowed Scholarship

$29,760 raised from 200 gifts


April 29, 2019

Today’s is Marquita’s birthday and what a special present we have for her!


WE DID IT!  We’ve reached our goal! The Marquita Hannibal-Francique Commitment to Excellence and Leadership Endowed Scholarship will become a reality to serve future Monmouth Hawks for years to come! 


Thank you to everyone who made a gift!  Every dollar made this possible.  A special thank you goes to Adidas whose generosity ensured that we were not only were able to meet, but exceed our goal.   Reaching our goal means the scholarship is endowed and will live on in perpetuity!    


Thank you to everyone who shared in our beautiful ceremony last night whether you there in person or you joined us on Facebook.  It was a truly a moving experience to celebrate Marquita’s life with her family and the Monmouth Track & Field family!  I shared a few special pictures below!


The link to give is still open for anyone who would like to give.  The more money in the endowment, the bigger the scholarship award can be on an annual basis! 


Thank you all for coming together as one for Marquita!




Talitha Vickers ‘02


Today We Honor Marquita

April 28, 2019

We are looking forward to seeing everyone today upstairs on the 3rd floor in the Kessler Varsity Club at the OceanFirst Bank Center at Monmouth University at 5pm!


Thank you for being a part of this special day in honor of Marquita. 

Let’s Celebrate Marquita

March 27, 2019

Let’s celebrate! 

That’s what Marquita would want us to do. ❤️


Her life, her kindness, her contribution to us and others is truly something to smile about!


We have ONE MONTH leading up to QUITA’s birthday.

Let’s ALL give a special birthday gift today in her honor to make a difference for a a future MU student-athlete.


Although we can not be with her physically we can embrace her spirit of giving back in preparation for Marquita’s scholarship dedication ceremony on April 28th.

The date is very special as it is the day before Quita's birthday and the first time her family will not have her with them. Instead they will be with us at Monmouth. Let's show up in a big way and offer our support to Quita's family by showing them how loved their daughter, sister, mother, wife and cousin still is. They could  really use the support in numbers as they continue to deal with such a difficult loss.


Your birthday gift to Quita will provide a scholarship every year for a deserving student-athlete at Monmouth University.


We have less than 4 weeks to go to meet the goal. Any contribution will help!


Thank you for making your pledge today.


Happy early birthday Quita!



March 27, 2019



SUNDAY, APRIL 28, 2019

5:00 PM




On April 28th (OUR LAST DAY TO FUNDRAISE FOR THE SCHOLARSHIP!) we will be hosting a tree dedication at Monmouth University in honor of our beloved Marquita. Please save-the-date for this special event. Details to come!



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